Getting the Ball Rolling

Things have been pretty hectic for a while but now that they’ve finally started to settle down, I’ll be able to really get stuff going here.  Some disparate things that I’ve been up to which will almost definitely pop up in the future:

– I’ve nailed down the concept/outline of my first Flash project, which is meant to be a small and unambitious game just to get my feet wet in Flex production.  As a result my timeline is pretty short as well; I hope to get all the programming and writing finished by June 1.

– I’d really like to start getting into the world of open-source programming, and so my first step in that is schooling myself in version control.  Basically, I’m reading Pro Git.

– I’ve been polishing and fine tuning a previous project of mine, called ‘Mandate’, to the point where I feel comfortable putting it online for all to see and try out.  No particular timeline for this outside of ‘very soon’.

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