Progress at last on WAID

So I’ve finally been able to sit down and work on Why Am I Dead, and I’ve gotten it to the point where I can say that I’ve pretty much finished programming it, and can now focus on writing the script and making the art.  There’s a bit of functionality left to code, but it’s very small and very straightforward.  Below is a quick demo of the core game mechanics using place-holder graphics:

I’ve made as much of the game mechanics as I can to be very generic, so actually filling in the content will be wonderfully straightforward.  For instance when I write the script or change the maps, I won’t have to modify any .as files at all, and I’ll be able to edit the content very quickly and see immediate results.  For map editing, I’m using the wonderful free program Tiled to generate the map, and then my game just reads through the resulting file and creates the map.  For script writing, I’m just typing directly in a text editor what I want the dialogues to consist of (plus a few keywords here and there), and the game parses through that and creates the dialogue in OOP form.

So the next part should be pretty fun!

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