A post in which there are no images

In the future, I should really try to make smaller but more frequent posts.  Instead, it seems like I wait until enough has happened that I end up making a post that’s really way too long and a pain to read through!  I’ll try to speed through this one.  Also, no images.  I’m not very good at this blogging thing…

So, today marks the one month mile-stone for the unnamed side-project that I brought up in my last post.  I’ve made some considerable progress on it, though not as much as I had hoped; when does it ever work out that way?  I’ve gotten the basics of the game mechanics down and am working my way outwards, but it’s still not really something that would be fun to play yet.  Perhaps in the near future I’ll make a demo video to show what I’m talking about.

My hard deadline is Nov 1, though.  By that point no matter where I am, I’ll post the prototype online and move on to something else.  My goal isn’t to have a truly commercially viable game, but instead a feature-complete prototype that can do the idea some justice.  After Nov 1, I’ll most likely be fixing up and expanding my Ludum Dare submission.

Outside of working on that, I spent some time tuning up my little triangulation doodler and put it on my website for the heck of it.  It’s not a game, but hey, I spent time on it and it’s kinda neat.  You can mess around with it here.

Lastly, I sold my last game Why Am I Dead!  I’m now working on doing the final finishing touches for the sponsor.  For the first two weeks after release it’ll be exclusively on the sponsor’s website, after which it can be put anywhere.  It’s weird, since outside of my LD submission, I technically haven’t released a game to the public this whole time!  I’m looking forward to that experience.

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