Why Am I Dead

Here’s an overdue update on the little Flash game I’ve been working on recently.  On the story/concept side of things, the title is “Why Am I Dead”.  I won’t talk too much about the story, because that would defeat the whole point of playing the game, but the premise is that you’re dead, and you need to figure out how and why this happened.  You do this by going around and taking control of other characters in the area and using their unique characteristics to get important information out of people.  Anyone can be possessed and moved around, so the puzzle is figuring out what dialogue between which two characters will get you closer to the truth.

I wanted to come up with something that would be interesting but wouldn’t require very complex game mechanics.  Even so, the programming has gone slower so far than I would’ve liked, mostly because I’m pretty rusty with AS3 and I’ve gotten used to the .NET family of programming languages and all that comes with them.  So far I’ve got basic collision detection and navigation going, but the other mechanics are still being worked on.

I wish I could say I’ll just put everything else aside so I can finish this exactly on schedule, but that’s not realistic or practical.  But I’ll probably just go over a day or two.  After that I’ll try to get the swf file of the engine up, and then I can begin creating game assets to be used.

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