Coming down the home stretch with WAID

I’m finally close to wrapping up this game!  In the time since my last update on ‘Why Am I Dead’, I’ve mostly been working on creating art assets, polishing movement, adding objects that you can interact with (eg doors, beds), expanding dialogue mechanics (ie triggers that progress the game), and creating new maps.  The result is that aside from polishing concerns such as having a pre-loader and muting/unmuting music, I can now say that I am 100% done with the core mechanics of the game.  I am also about 90% done with all of the graphics/mapping of the game.

Now I can get to work on what I have been shamefully neglecting all this time: the game’s actual script.  Given that the entire game revolves around character dialogue, perhaps I’m not as close to finished as it would at first seem.  But it’s still a big step forward from my last update to say the least.

Below is another video of some of the gameplay, with dialogue I wrote just for demo purposes.  This’ll probably be the last demo video I put up before the game itself launches.

What I’m going to be doing next falls into three categories:

– Obfuscating the swf file and putting it online for Beta testers

– Obviously, writing the script and testing it out in-game

– Creating a basic pre-loader, finding music/sound effects and programming sound control in

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